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Technical Support

We try to be honest and helpful, and want you to make educated decisions and be satisfied with the results. As such, we provide extensive detail on all products offered on this website. If you are looking for the most detailed information on the best products offered at reasonable prices from an honest company, then you have found the right place.

Please bear in mind that it is impossible to give lighting advice over the phone, for the following reasons:

  • It is not possible to give good layout, technical or wiring advice without physically being at your home or project site. Anyone that tries to do so is being irresponsible and misleading.
  • Everyone’s perception of light output is different! You may think that having 12 lights in your driveway with 18 watt bulbs in each is just right, but others may think that is too much or too little light. So it is irresponsible for someone to recommend to you how many fixtures to buy and/or what wattage bulb to use in them. You don’t go to a car dealer and ask them to choose the car or color for you; you make those decisions yourself based on your personal preferences. So don’t seek answers over the phone about which lighting fixtures will work best for you. Instead, use the extensive materials and unusual level of detail on our website to make the right choice.

Beware so-called “telephone lighting experts” that just want to sell you their products by ignoring these issues, especially with regard to wiring.

Only Licensed Electrical Contractors that are licensed for your specific state and local codes should give you wiring advice over the phone. Giving such advice over the phone is not only illegal, but it endangers your safety and property. We highly suggest hiring a good, local licensed contractor or lighting expert at a reasonable rate to help you choose your lighting as well as install it. Even if you will be doing the job yourself, we suggest you at least pay a professional a minimal fee to help you choose your lights with your requirements in mind and with an awareness of local codes.

If you still require assistance, then please call us at 415-563-5517

Thank you for your patience and support. Through the education and information we provide on this website, we hope to continue offering  you top-notch products and reasonable prices, and enable our employees to best serve you.


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