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Pure White LED Puck Lights (5 pack)

Puck lights are great for lighting small areas. Powered by a DC power cord, these pucks can be put anywhere added light is needed, or as shelving accent light.


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Physical Attributes

LED Chip TypeWhite LED
LED Chip Voltage12volts
LED Chip Amperage0.1amps x 3 = 0.3amps
LED Chip Watts1.1w x 3 = 3.3watts
LED Beam angle120 degrees
LED Chip operating temperature92 degrees F
Ambient operating temperature0 degrees F to 120 degrees F
UV / IR RadiationNone
LED Chip lifespan50,000 hours
Available Colors3 shades of white
Color temperature (KELVIN)5500-6000K
LED Beam distanceMaximum 12 feet
LED Brightness200 lumens
LED Chips / bulbs per module3