Shine On LED
Custom LEDs designed and delivered.

Shine On LED White Accent Light Kit

Dimmable warm white LED light for numerous applications.



What It Is

This kit includes: 1 Lutron dimmer with 2 mounting screws; 1 Hardwired dimmable 12 Volt / 5 Amp/ 60 watt LED power supply with 2 mounting screws; 6 feet of warm white LEDs; DC Extension Cable; DC Splitter; Wiring kit; Wall switch mounting box; 6 feet of 3M VHB; 6 yellow wire nuts; 1 Black cable restraint; 1 Metal conduit connector; 1 DC male power supply end; 2 DC Female connectors; 4 Pieces of clear heat shrink; 2 plaster wall mounts; 8 inches of LED solder.