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Pavo Dial DMX 8-Foot RGB LED Kit

8 feet of RGB LEDs / 40 Watt Power Supply


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What It Is

This kit is a complete and self-sufficient LED lighting system, with matched power supply, controller, LEDs and connectors. The PAVO-DIAL-DMX Controller is a single-lamp RGB LED color-changing lighting system controller. The PAVO-DIAL-DMX Controller has 7 mode settings: red, green, blue, white, fade 1, fade 2 and random flash. A mode setting can be added by turning the dial to the right or left when it is in the first of four positions. Each mode setting has its own color. When the dial is pushed in, the mode color will shift to the second position, allowing the user to adjust the single color or the speed of fade 1, fade 2 or random flash.

How It Works

LED digital controllers have two connections: (1) a 4 pin RGB DMX out that runs to the LED strips, spotlights or rigid bars; and (2) a connection to the power supply via a DC female connector.

Where It Fits Into The LED System

Digital LED controllers fit in the LED system between the power supply and the LED lighting product you have chosen.

Additional information

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