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Lutron 16-Foot White LED Dimmer Kit

16 feet of White LEDs / 60 Watt Power Supply


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What It Is

This kit is a complete and self-sufficient LED lighting system offering smooth dimming to 10% while matching existing home decor. All parts are UL listed and offer many years of clean, smooth dimming and your choice of warm or pure white color palette. All components -- power supply, controller, and LEDs -- are certified to work seamlessly together.

How It Works

White LED dimmable kits have two major connections: (1) an AC 120 Volt power in from line voltage, and (2) a DC 12V/24V out to power the LEDs. The DC out connection is a 5.5 MM male connector that runs to the white LED strips, white spotlights or white rigid bars. The custom white LEDs made at Shine On LED are 4.32 watts per linear foot.

Where It Fits Into The LED System

White dimmable LED kits are a complete solution for a truly unique ambient lighting effect. We have tested and certified all the LED components to run together for seamless operation. These LED kits are perfect for new construction: the components used are all Title 24 compliant and UL listed to pass California’s rigid building codes.

Physical Attributes

Spool Length16 feet of White LED
Spool Weight10 oz
Width1/2 Inch
Length16 feet
Height1/4 Inch
LED lens diameter1/4 Inch
Fixture Width1/2 Inch
Power cord length8 Feet
LED chip spacing2.0 Inches center of LED to center of LED
Cuttable at increments of2.0 Inches
Sold by unit of1 complete LED kit