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InStyle Digital DMX 8-Foot RGB LED Kit

8 feet of RGB LEDs / 40 Watt Power Supply


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What It Is

This kit is a complete and self-sufficient LED lighting system, with matched power supply, controller, LEDs and connectors. The InStyle DMX Wall controller panel can control any RGB product using the DMX protocol with just 3 rotary knobs. The controller has the ability to select any color, color scroll at different speeds and even change color to the beat of music with its built-in microphone.

How It Works

The InStyle DMX Wall LED digital controller has 7 connections that must be set up correctly to get the full dynamic operation.

Where It Fits Into The LED System

Digital LED controllers fit in the LED system between the power supply and the LED lighting product you have chosen.

Physical Attributes

Spool Length8 feet of RGB LED
Spool Weight6 oz
Width1/2 Inch
Length8 feet
Height1/4 Inch
LED lens diameter1/4 Inch
Fixture Width1/2 Inch
Power cord length8 Feet
LED chip spacing2.0 Inches center of LED to center of LED
Cuttable at increments of2.0 Inches
Sold by unit of1 complete LED kit

Additional information

Weight .99 lbs