Shine On LED
Custom LEDs designed and delivered.


Shine On LED specializes in 3D modeling, 3D rendering and full-scale production data. Although LED design and manufacturing is our primary focus, we do have a long-term interest in product design and the skills to carry any product through the entire development cycle. We have a dedicated and passionate team who can draw on their years in design and manufacturing fields to develop fresh new concepts using state of the art technology. We have full CI surface design capabilities for prototyping and full production.

Table for Two

Made with 6160 aircraft aluminium


Cube with Rotating Interior Geometric Shape, 3D modeled and fabricated for San Francisco’s Exploratorium.

Hyperbolic Shape Study

Shine On LED has created 3D milling files for water-jet services for many projects with Standard Metal Products. The images here are of a parabolic shape that was milled for a concept for the SF Exploratorium. Shine On LED was contacted to get the shape and surface intersection correct. By animating a curve around a pivot point we were able to define the surface intersection with accuracy of .001 inch.


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