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Custom LEDs designed and delivered.


Working with Bay Area architects and interior designers, Shine On LED creates custom LED systems from their drawings. Using our background and years of experience in product design and fabrication, we create a customized LED environment for you with the proper power supplies and wall-mounted user interfaces. In addition, we can create custom LED light shows to go with your environment.

Code and Canvas

This art studio and workspace is lit by 12 LED downlights and custom bench lighting in the general studio, 3 spotlights in the DJ booth, and 12 sconces in the mezzanine gallery.

Pizzeria Delfina

This installation includes warm white LED lighting over the bar and under the counters. The system is complete with power supplies and dimmers for all lighting, and the warm white LED bars have 18 LEDs per linear foot. 

Farina Pizza

The Farina Pizza project consisted of 10 custom blown glass tubes and custom inner LED diffusion illuminated with custom RGB LEDs. The structure to support the glass, diffusion and LEDs were designed and built in 3D and cut with a water jet machine.

The restaurant wine rack, server station, cook station, drink station, washroom area, and carry-out area were also illuminated with custom Warm White LEDs from Shine On LED.

Laconda Oyster Bar

The Laconda project made use of warm white 12 Volt LEDs throughout the entire restaurant space. Shine On LED installed white Linear LED under the main front bar, server station, cook station and seating area. The LEDs are exclusive Shine On LED products, spaced at 18 spots per foot, the highest concentration of LEDs per foot given the circuit board size. All the components used are UL Listed, low voltage and meet all California building codes.

Parklet at California & Fillmore

Together with architectural design studio Siol, Shine On LED developed a custom water-resistant LED solution to illuminate this parklet located on the corner of California and Fillmore in San Francisco. The RGB LEDs sit in a ‘reveal’ at the lip of the seat pan to follow the unique contour the architect defined.

La Urbana

This restaurant in the North Panhandle district of San Francisco is creatively lit with warm white custom LED systems for multiple dining areas. Lengths of LED bar with 18 LEDs per linear foot were cut to fit inside numerous pieces of recycled furniture, and a sconce for LED puck lights was made from an antique Mexican cheese mold. The outdoor sign, custom designed and cut by water jet, is lit with RGB LEDs digitally controlled to display custom colors. 

Farina Deck Furniture

The Farina Deck Furniture project consisted of restaurant deck furniture designed by Kyle Minor and 3D modeling and rendering  by Shine On LED. Due to the complexity of the convergent compound and convex angles, 3D modeling was necessary for work shop drawings to be created. The 3D surface data was later used as a source of precise measurements so the complex-looking furniture fit together like puzzle pieces on site.

Jebena Cafe

This San Francisco cafe is outfitted with a complete InStyle Digital DMX LED system. Under cabinet, window, and cove lighting can be controlled to display custom RGB colors. 


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