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LED Spiral Chandelier

The Project

Working directly with Kyle Minor Design, Shine On LED designed, modeled, rendered and installed LED lighting into this LED spiral aluminum frame with wood veneer. The chandelier has over 135 feet of Warm and Pure White LEDs mounted on the inside and controlled with a Lutron wall dimmer. The 10 foot by 12 foot chandelier was modeled in 3D and cut with a water-jet machine. All the parts were welded together and designed to come apart for transportation. Wood veneer was used to wrap the entire piece and to provide a warm glow from the LEDs on the inside.

How It Works

The Warm White and Pure White LEDs are attached to an inner plastic band that starts at the top of the fixture and winds offset 12 inches from the inner and outer surfaces of veneer. The entire fixture is dimmable with the Lutron dimmer. Due to its size, the fixture was built to be raised and lowered by a switch on the wall. It can be controlled using a custom graphical user interface in conjunction with a web browser or via free apps designed for iOS and Android devices over a wireless connection. In standalone mode this system controls up to 1024 DMX512 channels (2 universes) and plays up to eight cuelists in parallel.

LED Parts List

LocationLED Parts Detail
Kitchen Dining Area3 Lutron LED wall slide dimmers
135 feet of Warm White LEDs - 583.2 Watts @ 24 Volt
135 feet of Pure White LEDs - 583.2 Watts @ 24 Volt
(9) 250 Watt, 24 Volt LED
Dimmable Power supplies
(3) Shine On LED Wiring Kits (Analog)

Power Used For LEDs

LocationLED Parts Detail
Kitchen Dining Area(9) 250 Watt, 24 Volt LED
Dimmable Power supplies

Bringing Shine On LED into projects has always been a great asset to the final results. With constantly changing technology, I can always trust that I’m getting the most appropriate product for each project and really appreciate the many other services that are simply unavailable from any other supplier.  — Kyle Minor, designer and fabricator

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April 8, 2014


  • Custom fixture design, development & fabrication
  • Custom diffused white 3M plastic for LEDs
  • Custom wiring and installation
  • 3D modeling for water jet machine


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