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LED RGB Lightboxes

The Project

Depending on the job, Shine On LED can create custom LED RGB configurations based on the area you need to illuminate. Shine On LED developed Light Platforms, a modular, internally RGB-illuminated platform for highlighting retail products. Each configuration is different and customized to your specific liking. Color-changing LED light platforms have individual power feeds powered by 12 volts. The LED light platforms are 23-3/4 inch square white acrylic in two heights: 9-inch and 12-inch, but any size is available. They can support up to 75 pounds. A pushbutton footswitch is also included.

How It Works

These LED kits include an RGB controller, RGB linear rigid bars, or RGB linear LED ribbon and a 12 Volt LED power supply. The LED RGB light boxes connect up to 4 boxes together or can be used individually.

LED Parts List

LocationLED Parts Detail
Retail InstallationRGB black box controller
8 feet of RGB LED per fixture
RGB LED extension cable
40 Watt, 12 Volt LED Power supply
Analog LED system wiring kit

Power Used For LEDs

LocationLED Parts Detail
Retail Installation40 Watt, 12 Volt LED Power supply
Total RGB LED System - 69.12 Watts @ 12 Volt
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April 8, 2014


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