Shine On LED
Custom LEDs designed and delivered.

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The Project

This installation includes a digital light show with dynamic custom color shifting, controlled by the Traxon Light-Drive Elite controller. Merchandise counters are custom designed and lighted with dimmable pure white LEDs. White LEDs for merchandise counters have 24 LEDs per linear foot, while the RGB bars have 18.

How It Works

Traxon Light-Drive Elite with glass touch control for custom color washing in greeting sign and custom light posts. For merchandise counters, pure white LEDs with dimmers and power supplies.

LED Parts List

LocationLED Parts Detail
DMX RGB Light Posts12 feet of RGB LED bars with 18 LEDs per linear foot.
60 watt power supply.
Digital PWM to DMX decoder.
Traxon Light-Drive Elite controller.
Merchandise Counters12 feet of pure white LED bars with 24 LEDs per linear foot.
60 watt power supply.
Custom diffuser counter top.
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October 7, 2014


  • Custom DMX lighting program to wash custom colors.
  • Custom designed light posts.
  • Custom designed lighted merchandise counters.
  • Custom designed sign.
  • Custom mounting for controller, data unit, and power supply.
  • Custom diffuser counter tops.


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