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Chakra RGB Wall

The Project

This colorful, dynamic 3 by 3 foot meditation wall was custom designed by Shine On LED and Marilynne Moreshead to deliver a truly unique experience. Rigid RGB LED boards were designed to be opened to slide in artwork, and so the light would shine through the translucent material for a special glow. This installation is fully programmable and can be adjusted from the wall unit or by plugging in your laptop. Each LED has a separate IP address so the wall can breathe LED light up, down, backwards, and forwards in any combination imaginable. The client and Shine On LED developed eight unique light shows that can be updated with Easy Stand Alone (ESA) software.

How It Works

The Nicolaudie Glass Touch LED controller has 8 buttons and on/off via touch-sensitive zones on the unit, which are located behind a smooth glass surface. The touch-sensitive areas allow sophisticated control of the assigned LED light shows for stand-alone operation. In standalone mode, without a server, this LED system can replay and loop previously-uploaded lighting shows programmed with the Easy Stand Alone (ESA) software. It can be controlled using a custom graphical user interface in conjunction with a web browser or via free apps designed for iOS and Android devices over a wireless connection. In standalone mode this system controls up to 1024 DMX512 channels (2 universes) and plays up to eight cuelists. The project called for a digital DMX (S.T.I.C.K.) controller and a light show to be designed in the Nicolaudie Easy Stand Alone (ESA) software. ESA was designed to be an extremely simple DMX controller, capable of controlling all kinds of intelligent fixtures. The small glass fronted touch-sensitive wall panel allows you to trigger scenes and change the dimmer and color with a touch-sensitive fader. This interface can connect to a computer with the micro USB socket located on the underside of the panel.

LED Parts List

LocationLED Parts Detail
Artist LoftNicolaudie STICK 2
(9) RGB LED photo panels (1ft x 1ft)
(9) RGB to DMX data controllers
60 Watt, 24 Volt LED Power supply
DMX Digital LED System wiring kit

Power Used For LEDs

LocationLED Parts Detail
Artist Loft60 Watt, 24 Volt LED Power supply
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April 8, 2014


  • Custom fixture design, development & fabrication
  • Custom wiring and installation
  • Easy Stand Alone (ESA) software for custom LED light shows


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