Shine On LED
Custom LEDs designed and delivered.

Aluminum LED Light

The Project

LED lighting! It's a great addition to the Scissy products designed and manufactured by B&N. The B&N retail fixture systems called for a single spotlight LED lighting accessory. Shine On LED designed and rendered several concepts, and delivered the files to Hoffman Metal Products to be milled in aluminum.

How It Works

These one watt 12 volt LED units fit directly into B&N Scissy products; built with solid aluminum, it houses the wire management and gives the LED inside a surface to dissipate heat. Light components for these LED kits include a one watt LED chip and 12 Volt LED power supply with footswitch.

LED Parts List

LocationLED Parts Detail
Retail Installation1 Watt LED per fixture
White LED extension cable
5 Watt, 12 Volt LED Power supply
Analog LED system wiring kit

Power Used For LEDs

LocationLED Parts Detail
Retail Installation5 Watt, 12 Volt LED Power supply
Total RGB LED System - 4.23 Watts @ 12 Volt
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April 8, 2014


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