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Digital RGB LED Controllers

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    E:cue Light-Drive Elite Controller

    Light-drive is a new e:cue product category that combine a standalone DMX controller and user interface in a single unit. Designed to allow end-users to setup custom light scenes and color-changing effects directly on the device, light-drives are easy to use and require no software to set up light scenes. By directly outputting DMX512 protocol, light-drives can control LED fixtures through a single RJ-45 connection that carries both power and data.

    InStyle DMX Wall Light Controller

    The InStyle DMX Wall controller panel can control any RGB product using the DMX protocol with just 3 rotary knobs. The controller has the ability to select any color, color scroll at different speeds and even change color to the beat of music with its built-in microphone.

    Pavo Dial Light Controller

    12 Volt PAVO-DIAL-DMX RGB LED Color-Changing Controller

    The PAVO-DIAL-DMX Controller is a single-lamp RGB LED color-changing lighting system controller. The unit has 7 mode settings: red, green, blue, white, fade 1, fade 2 and random flash. A mode setting can be added by turning the dial to the right or left when it is in the first of four positions. Each mode setting has its own color. When the dial is pushed in, the mode color will shift to the second position, allowing the user to adjust the single color or the speed of fade 1, fade 2 or random flash.

    S.T.I.C.K. 2 Light Controller

    Touch-Sensitive glass fronted DMX controller

    The dimmer switch of the 21st century is here. Available in black and white, the STICK 2 provides a simple yet powerful solution for your RGB lighting control needs. The controller comes pre-loaded with RGB effects and can be programmed with the included Easy standalone software. Touch screen enabled.

    S.T.I.C.K. Light Controller

    Sunlite Touch-Sensitive Intelligent Control Keypad

    This complete, standalone wall-mounted DMX controller is the perfect solution to interior lighting control expectations. Behind its touch-sensitive panel, this controller includes state-of-the-art features such as 1024 DMX channels, remote control, clock/calendar, Ethernet facilities and much much more.

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