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How To Shop

Buying an LED system

LED systems consist of a power supply, controller, LEDs and connectors. If you’re just starting out, we recommend you begin with one of our pre-configured kits which have matched components and LEDs in commonly requested lengths. 



Lighting has come a long way since the introduction of CFL (compact fluorescent) bulbs. The color (Kelvin) of the LEDs bulbs are better than CFL bulbs and the CRI is at the same level as incandescent bulbs and LEDs bulbs last 50,000 hours. With direct retrofit LED bulbs readily available at a competitive price to replace all incandescent bulbs, it’s now an easy decision to buy LED for your home.


LEDs are a great solution for the weekend DIY’ers. Most of our LEDs and components are low voltage (12 Volts – 24 volts), which are safe and easy to work with without the risk of shock. In addition, all of our LED products are designed to be plug-and-play, so whatever the LED solution you need, we can create the right combinations it for you.

General Contractors

We have developed complete LED solutions for general contractors in the form of LED kits. GCs can order all the parts and components needed to install the LED system themselves. All of our LED kits are UL listed and Title 24 compliant, making it easy to install in any new home in San Francisco in full compliance with all local building codes.


Shine On LED uses California certified electricians to do our high voltage electrical work. All LED systems are ultimately connected to 120 Volt household power, and for this situation we have a list of highly qualified electricians that can make that connection.


Shine On LED works with many talented Bay Area architects. We thrive when designing custom LED systems that fit perfectly into the desired designs, and have years of experience reading the blueprints, engineering drawings and sketches that architects bring to us.

Architects were the prime early adopter of LED lighting, for its RGB color controllability without the need for color film filters or color wheels which are costly to maintain. LED has not only overcome the lack of flexibility and speed of color control inherent in other technologies, but it’s created new applications, such as media façades and some entertainment lighting. By 2016, LEDs are expected to account for 74 percent of the architectural lighting market.

Interior Designers

Because LED lighting is unobtrusive, easily controlled, and adjustable to any shade of the rainbow, it’s the perfect solution for interior designers. LEDs excel at highlighting the details of color, shape and form and can add color and ambiance at night. LEDs are the best example of functional design. We have worked collaborated on residential design, commercial design, hospitality design, healthcare design, universal design, exhibition design, and spatial branding, and are happy to help you with your next job.

Art Galleries

LEDs are a logical solution for art galleries. With current LED PAR 38 bulbs having a CRI of 90 plus, they are now an ideal solution for displaying art work. LED PAR 38 bulbs give off zero UVs, which make them a perfect solution replacing the 75 watt halogen bulbs that are standard now. Many galleries leave the lights on almost 24 hours a day, and using the standard 75 watt halogens, each bulb must be replaced every 2-3 months. When the change to LED is made, the bulbs last for years.


Shine On LED develops LED fixtures for restaurants and bars all over the San Francisco Bay area. LEDs lend themselves for under cabinet bar lighting and custom over dining table lights.

Retail fixture designers

It was retail fixture design for Apple, Nordstrom, Clinique and The Gap that help start Shine On LED. We have industrial designers that specialize in 3D design modeling and prototype creation, as well as designers from the automotive design industry. LEDs are expected to account for 50 percent of all retail lighting by 2016, and 75 percent by 2020.


Boutiques are prevalent throughout San Francisco and perfect for small low voltage LED kits, either plug-in or hardwired. Our kits are small and perfect for under cabinet lighting or to create spotlights for jewelry with total control over color.

Cabinet Makers

Because LEDs can be cut to any length, they are great for cabinet makers to install under custom cabinets of any width. Our LEDs are ½ inch wide and produce little heat, perfect for mounting under cabinets and completely out-of-the-way.


Hotel chains and other hospitality generally prefer warm light and want dimmability; LEDs can offer both, and can also handle the 24 hour per day service required better than other technologies. LEDs are estimated to grow from 10 percent of the hospotality lighting market today to over 80 percent by 2020.

Industrial Spaces

Customers designing or maintaining industrial spaces increasingly seek out LED lighting out of an awareness at its unsurpassed total cost of ownership (TCO). LED can reduce lighting maintenance costs significantly, especially in high, hard-to-reach places (high-bay lighting) where replacement costs are much higher than in locations closer to ground level.


Managers and designers of outdoor spaces are increasingly turning to LED. Sodium lamps are cost efficient, but their color quality is poor and their manufacture requires mercury. Governments are under pressure to reduce C02, and are choosing LED. It’s estimated that by 2020, LED will account for 70 percent of the market share of outdoor lighting.

Municipal Government

Shine On LED employees all live and work in San Francisco, giving us the opportunity to have a valid SF vendors permit to sell LEDs, components, municipal lights, and solar LED lighting to the City of San Francisco.


Parks & Recreation

Solar LED kits are a great addition to any outdoor enthusiast’s backpack. We have kits designed around a solar panel to charge the system during the day so the LEDs can run at night.