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LED Lighting for Retail: What’s in Store for You?

LED RGB Lightboxes

Boasting unparalleled efficiency and durability, LED lighting is the smart choice for your retail store. The right lighting can turn heads when done well– and can deter customers when done poorly. A mindful lighting scheme can make your space feel bigger, less cluttered, sharper, cleaner, or more cozy. LED fixtures are now available in a wide array of designs and color temperatures, so here are a couple of ideas to get you started.

Start with your shelf.

Shelving units and alcoves keep your merchandise organized, but they can also hide your products. Install LED ribbon along the back of your shelving, or along the top of an alcove. Accent spotlights attract attention. With LED lighting, there are no damaging UV rays or heat to worry about– great news for areas that need bright, constant light.


Who’s Kelvin, Anyway? (A simple guide to color temperature.)


Sunlight and moonlight are not the same, and brightness isn’t the only difference. How do we measure the other characteristic of light? Color temperature is measured in degrees Kelvin. Contrary to intuition, the higher the color temperature, the cooler the light and vice versa.

Brightness, by the way, is measured in lumens. Did you know LED bulbs emit up to five times more lumens per watt of electricity than a standard incandescent bulb?

Most people prefer warmer temperatures for home lighting, to enhance warm colors– including skin tones. Cozy decor and people both look better in warm light. Use color temperatures between 2000K and 3500K and you (not to mention your living room) will be ready for your closeup.


Turn On The Sunshine: Why LED Lighting Makes Us So Happy


In your home or your business, LEDs bring endless possibilities to light. Here are just a few of the ways switching to LED lighting can brighten your day.

Color me happy.

Fluorescent lighting is infamous for its harsh hospital room glare. LEDs are available in custom color temperatures, so you can have sunshine in your kitchen, cool crisp light in your workspace, and warm candlelight in your dining room. If you want to get colorful, RGB LEDs give you a full spectrum of possibilities.

It’s getting hot in here.

So get rid of those ancient bulbs! Incandescent bulbs waste 80% of the energy they use, converting it into heat instead of light. Fluorescent tubes (and their little friends the CFL bulbs) are slightly less wasteful, but still pale in comparison to the efficiency of LEDs– they only waste 20% of the energy they use, and only ever become warm to the touch. A lower power bill and lower risk of burns and fire? Yes, please.