Shine On LED
Custom LEDs designed and delivered.

To Educate, Inspire, Design.

Shine On LED, established in 2008 by a group of industrial designers, is located in a 3,000-square-foot commercial space in San Francisco with design studio, machine shop for prototyping and manufacture, and repository for our extensive inventory. We have created custom LED lighting fixtures for high-end clients, produced lighting solutions for the retail fixture industry, and continue to develop our own custom LED fixtures.

Our clients include Nike, Apple, Levis, Gap, Clinique, Nordstrom, H&M, Ben Bridge Jewelers and Zynga.


Shine On LED collaborates with and obtains referral business from a wide range of Bay Area architects, interior designers, green living enthusiasts and business owners, including:

Kevin Hacket – Siol Design
Brett Terpeluk  – Studio Terpeluk
Bruce Fowler – Del Rey Construction
Patrick Flynn – Envelope a+d
Kyle Minor – Kyle Minor design
Kevin Brinkert – SMP (Standard Metal Products)
Juan Garduno – Garduno Architects

Additionally, we have a dedicated team from various other design and manufacturing fields who have joined to develop creative new lighting concepts with LED technology. We pride ourself in full cycle development from sketching, designing, prototyping to production and installation. Our designers are graduates in industrial design and skilled in concept sketching, marker rendering, 3D rendering, and 3D surface modeling for production. We have full-scale metal, wood and plastic shops onsite.

Special thanks to B&N Industries

Great people, products & innovation

B&N Industries
1409 Chapin Avenue, 2nd Floor
Burlingame, California 94010
(650) 593-4127

The Business

  • Business-to-business LED products and supplies, specifically for general contractors and retail fixture designers.
  • LED products and supplies to municipalities, including the City and County of San Francisco.
  • Retail, commercial, residential and architectural LED lighting kits (Title 24 compliant, UL listed).
  • Custom design of LED components, including LED systems, controllers, and fixtures.
  • Direct LED component and system sales through this website
  • Custom LED product design and development for clients (e.g. architects, interior designers, etc.)

Our Mission

Our purpose is to effectively utilize advanced LED technology to design and deliver high quality, energy efficient, state-of-the-art products to consumers and businesses. Our goal is to create fresh, compelling LED products and kits and to offer customized (branded) product design, including lighting fixtures and full-spectrum control systems for retail, commercial and residential markets. Every effort is made to use local and American-made materials and labor. Long term, we will continue to develop our own line of exclusive, custom-manufactured LED strips and LED controllers.

The Team

Jason Doctor

Founder & CEO

Jason has been working professionally as an industrial designer for 14 years — from furniture, medical instruments, consumer products, and automotive to LED lighting. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Design from University of Cincinnati in 1999 — the #1 ranked undergraduate industrial design program in the United States. The college of Design Architecture Art & Planning is distinguished for its mandatory co-operative education program where Industrial design students work in their prospective field learning the newest skills in design from sophomore to senior year. In 1995, SGI and Alias/Wavefront developed a focused path in 3D modeling and Jason was nominated as the first student in a pilot ALIAS / Wavefront program. Before graduating Jason worked full time as an industrial designer in the furniture design industry, the medical instrument design industry and for a full-scale prototype production shop. In 1999, With these fresh 3D skills Jason left Cincinnati for San Francisco with a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Design and $700.00 in his pocket. Jason worked as an industrial designer specializing in production data surface development for consumer products in the automotive industry with such companies as Volkswagen, General Motors and American Specialty Car. He then became involved in specialty auto parts accessories, dashboard illumination, and developed custom LED lighting packages for use in cars while working in the automotive design field. Learning about LEDs and the possible uses for them quickly took up all of Jason’s time. In 2006, the automotive industry was taking a hit like never before. Jason decided to save up all his money for more than a year to start Shine On LED.



Pat Eichhorn

LED Master Installer

Pat joined Shine On LED in the early days doing LED installations all over San Francisco. Being a master mechanic lended itself to his ability to solder minute LED connections and fully understand the electrical components that make up an LED system. Pat also connects the 120 Volt standard line voltages to the low voltage LED systems we design and develop at Shine On LED. Pat has grown with Shine On LED and is now heading the employment of our “shipping and receiving clerk” and an in charge of hiring an “associate LED installer.” In 2008 Pat received his California electrician license to give him the aptitude to work with general contractors and other electricians in the San Francisco Bay area. With his electrical license we make sure all the mandatory laws are followed. Pat also travels to our east coast partners in Ohio, Illinois, Kentucky and Pennsylvania to orchestrate new business and help initate new Shine On LED offices and field representatives.


Sam Lamott

Lighting Designer and New Business Development

Sam was born in San Francisco and raised in Marin county. Growing up was always taking apart toys and making creations out of the mechanisms inside. He first got into product design when he came up with a new design for a  plumbers torch on a construction site and his boss decided to partner up with him and try to take it to market. Sam later studied industrial design at the Academy of Art University while raising his son here in San Francisco. He is co-author of the new york times best seller Some Assembly Required.  After the book tour Sam discovered Jason and Shine On LED and immediately was drawn to the passion & purpose of the company to bring high quality lighting in a low energy and mercury free way. Sam now works as a lighting designer, and is in charge of new business development.

Kevin P. Greenquist

Legal Counsel

Kevin is Shine On LED’s legal counsel. Born in Bossier City, Louisiana and having lived all over the United States, he is a keen observer of people and situations — making him a great asset for our risk management and due diligence needs. He has been practicing law for 15 years in San Francisco. His integrity and hard work ethic proactively keeps us aware of our position in terms of past, present, and future competitors and business alliances. Kevin works with Shine On LED making sure we are all protected and following the laws within California to the letter. We make every effort to respect our east bay competitors with our eyes open and always on the ball. Kevin is looking out for us especially in these times where the LED industry is like the “wild wild west” and competitors are copying intellectual property designed by Shine On LED.  Kevin focuses in a few major areas listed below. To call him a “pitbull” is a compliment in his eyes. 1.) Legal Advice Kevin typically provides legal strategy in a variety of areas of business law, including employment law, wage and overtime law, labor law, licensing and administrative law. He constantly examines Shine On LED practices to ensure that they comply with all applicable labor and wage laws, including those governing minimum wage, overtime and meal breaks. Kevin also governs over specific issue, such as the legality of a hiring or firing. 2.) Legal Defense Kevin also often defends Shine On LED in legal proceedings. For example, if an employee makes a claim of discrimination or a labor law violation, Kevin will represent Shine On LED against the employee. Similarly, Kevin will also defend Shine On LED in lawsuits filed by former customers or other EAST Bay businesses. This task typically involves in-depth research, preparation of the defense argument and delivery of the argument in court. 3.) Legal Documents Most of Kevin’s time is spent preparing legal documents for Shine On LED which may include employment contracts, written agreements between the company and its clients, merger and acquisition contracts and reorganization paperwork. In 2012 he has drafted the company handbook, as well as employment policies and practices. In addition, Kevin often completes the paperwork required to maintain any licenses or insurance policies the company needs for maintaining operations. Finally, if a business needs to file legal documents with a court, Kevin prepares and submits them. 4.) Legal Correspondence Kevin got his start with Shine On LED handling all legal communications. For example, when the company receives legal correspondence from the lawyer of another organization, the first company’s consulting lawyer drafts a response. All correspondence in a legal nature should be directed to him.





Fossil Hasenpfeffer Hayfacker

PMA Department Chief

Born in 2003 of royal regal bloodline, Fossil is a Shiba Inu /Basenji mix from the Orient. Fossil heads up the Positive Mental Attitude Department at Shine On LED. Making the quantum leap of “awareness” he often is caught in wonder watching other dogs behave, well, like dogs while he sits in utter silence and peace. In his off time he enjoys riding on the gas tanks of motorcycles, biting blankets, sitting on your lap to warm his dog hands and hanging with other “present” dogs. His affinity for cats is now being studied by the US department of defense for his patience and ability to not react to cat like threats and his tail being chewed on whilst sleeping. All complaints from disgruntled customers are directed to his office, so if his spelling is poor in response to your e-mails please pardon him, he has no thumbs.fossil

Shine On LED is one of those very few professional LED companies that shows its passion for LEDs and dedication in every job they design. It was a pleasure working with the Shine On LED team, together we brought to life a unique restaurant project by using LED light with an extreme level of difficulty and detail. The Shine On LED team is a definite must for every design job we do at Not Only Architects Juan Garduno, Not Only Architects

Shine On LED are masters of their evolving craft. Having worked closely with their team on several architectural projects, they possess remarkable acumen in both their technical expertise and design innovation. It is always a pleasure collaborating with them. Kevin Hacket, Siol Architecture & Design

Bringing Shine On LED into projects has always been a great asset to the final results. With constantly changing technology, I can always trust that I’m getting the most appropriate product for each project and really appreciate the many other services that are simply unavailable from any other supplier. Kyle Minor, designer and fabricator


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