Shine On LED
Custom LEDs designed and delivered.

Shine On LED creates custom retail fixtures to your specifications.

In-house design, 3D modeling and fabrication means a single point of contact from inspiration to installation, ensuring the highest quality and a harmonious experience.

Shine On LED creates complete LED kits for architects, contractors, and DIY projects.

Our ready-to-install kits take the guesswork out of building a properly configured LED system, and are less expensive than buying components separately. All of our products are custom made and UL listed.

Why Shine On LED Products?

Made in USA

Designed and developed in San Francisco, assembled in the USA

UL Listed

Certified safe and shock resistant by Underwriters Laboratories

Quality PCB

Our boards are stronger and thicker to dissipate heat more evenly

Soldered In-house

Custom in-house soldering ensures secure LED connectivity

Brightest LED

We use 18 LEDs per foot, the maximum, versus 10 per foot.

Quality 3M Tape

Very high bond adhesive secures the LED lights to aluminium bars and other surfaces.

Custom White

You pick the shade, from warm to pure white to cool

Custom RGB

Pick a custom RGB color by connecting the LED lights to your computer via USB

18 Gauge Wire

Quality 18 guage wire versus thinner 24 gauge

Clear Heat Shrink

Better than black; see the solder connection.

Inspired? Let us make your LED ideas a reality.

Personal consultation. Custom design & fabrication. Expert installation.